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Date, break in, dentist

It started off with a pair of shoes. I was wearing reddish Doc Martins and someone complimented my footwear. I responded that I usually wear cognac-colored things. Somehow this lead to a conversation with a McDreamy type that I was really enjoying until I realized I'd probably already seduced him online and that this was another one dimensional meet and greet. I did make the comment that applies to that scenario. Apparently it was Honesty Day.

The scene switched to Grandma M's living room. I was sitting on the floor in the living room when I saw a guy outside trying to break in the window. My first thought was to shoot at him. I personally didn't have a gun but I assumed my grandparents did. I stood up and before anyone did anything I was outside in a field. It was like the house and furniture disappeared into thin air and I was standing with the same people in front of a hole in the ground. The bad guy basically fell into the hole and as I turned to walk away, I noticed a juniper bush burning at the bottom. I started running to find some water, but the scene changed again to a dentist's office. I was standing behind the chair, apologizing to the hygienist for not brushing my teeth before coming over. I stood there for a second, remembering all the times I have done that before. I woke up before the exam started.

8:33 a.m. - 2016-06-08


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