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Parenting a budding witch

A girl who looked like Bonnie from Vampire Diaries was performing a spell at a shopping mall. She was sitting at a long table with a boy, chanting I think. As she was doing this, her mother happened upon her. Her mom saw her from a distance and said, what is she doing? She went to her spell book and started thumbing around. Spells were arranged alphabetically and in little boxes. Anyway she discovered the I box was missing and became upset. Instead of yelling at her daughter, she went back and asserted herself over the situation. She did an interruption, IE made the glass that was way up high break and rain down on them. He was unhurt but he got the message and walked off. Her daughter was upset and started yelling, "Why did you do that," blah blah. There were no verbal answers, just a sense of parental control.

8:16 a.m. - 2016-06-06


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