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Ice cream delivery

It is 2016. I last worked for BR in 1998, and I am still having these dreams. In my defense, yesterday I was using to look for a 2nd job and ran across a BR ad for a cake decorator. But fortunately the shop is like 30 mi away and is not at all worth looking into. Thankfully.

Anyway, I dreamed I had to do a delivery but no one bothered to leave me the address. I made the sundae before discovering this of course, and for some odd reason put caramel on it addition to fudge, AND I gave them 5 scoops instead of 3.... Which were now melting because I had no address to take it to. As I looked frantically for the address, I saw a list of additional duties, including a directive to finish the Paris cake. It was already almost closing time. Another employee came in and said the guy waiting for delivery was getting antsy. How did they know? I didn't even evidently have a phone # to call him.

8:46 a.m. - 2016-05-29


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