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Loneliness leads to drinking and falling -- uh huh

I said in the dream that I was lonely. Temple responded and said she would come. She met me at a picnic table on a bluff. Her hair was long again and I exclaimed over it. The scene changed to Mandalay Bay, outside. Loads of people were standing around inside metal gates, kind of milling around. I was there with... someone, and April was there somewhere. It was cloudy. All of a sudden everyone was rushing forward because something bad behind us (I felt it was water) was coming and we needed to get out of the way. In the throng of people April injured both hands. I wasn't able to go over and help her.
We went upstairs to a bar to wait for Temple who said she would be joining. It wasn't Mandalay anymore, it was like Fremont St. We faced another bar on the other side. The bar we faced was called Wild. She got delayed so I started talking to the guy next to me. Then he and I decided to go out to the hallway, put on a costume (which were fur jackets) and kind of fall down a flight of stairs onto a bunch of others who'd done the same. We did not get hurt.

11:41 a.m. - 2016-05-27


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