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Invitation, Rwood, secret bathing

I was invited to something at April's house. Later I realized it was at someone else's house, and why was I invited? We weren't friends. Hello social anxiety, my old friend.

The scene changed to Rwood. Dad had returned from a rendezvous with a mystery brunette, although he was not in the house just then. Knowing he had good hotel soap in his shower, I decided to jump in real quick. That's when I discovered he was hoarding all of the house soap, still wrapped, in his shower. I got in for my quick dip and discovered Pete Davidson of SNL already in there. The shower stall was then very cramped. I could barely get any water on me, and evidently I still had my shirt on. I knew the good hotel soap, Crabtree & Evelyn, was going to shrink enough or even break in two, thus giving away that someone had been in his shower. Sigh. It's hard to do anything in secret anymore.

9:04 a.m. - 2016-05-24


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