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fire, safety net, arrows

my friend and i had rented a hotel room not far from a true inferno. i kept a wary eye on the blaze, trying to decide whether we should cancel our booking and stay elsewhere. as a precaution, we drove across the way (real smart -- we should've *left town*) and checked out competing rates. the particular hotel we chose had a one-car bridge that people had to drive over to get onto the property. someone else was on it when we pulled up, so we waited patiently. i looked at the hotel inquisitively; i wasn't sure about it. a really stupid guy backed up next to the bridge (where he'd left his beer) and accidentally pushed it over the side. i watched it fall. what a dumbass! the rate turned out to be too high there, so we went back to our original hotel.

before we could go back, though, our car disappeared and i was hanging off some netting with my ex-boyfriend, his new girlfriend, and dennis rodman. there was water below us. i dunno what the fuck we were doing, really. i extracted my hand from the netting and let dennis lick all of my fingers. i watched my ex's face carefully, but he didn't react. i relaxed.

then i got back to the hotel somehow and saw that the fire was much closer. it was time to get the fuck out of there, so we left and i found myself alone once more. this time, i was outside of an old west-style barn where dirty blonde children slept fitfully. a girl with long, unkempt hair was woken up and taken to have her hair cut. then she was wrapped in a silky blanket and taken away on horseback. the woman riding the horse was nicole kidman, and she was done up like in _cold mountain_. a man rode furiously behind her, every so often shooting arrows at them. some of the arrows stuck in her skirt, though he was really aiming at the child. the blanket wrapped around her protected her from his slings. she got hit a few times, but none penetrated her skin. he was furious that someone had cut her hair and tried to pass her off as a boy. how dare they!

1:32 p.m. - 2004-05-25


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