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the life of a woman gone horribly wrong

i was watching a documentary on "the lives of women who toil and work" when something went awry. instead of being about poor women getting by, one woman went ballistic and nearly killed her roommate. n.r. was the host. i hate to say it made for good television because it painted a bleak picture of working class women, but i kept watching.

then i dreamed i was helping t. put together an insanely long school project. since we were producing it in the middle of the night we were trying to be extra quiet, and to that end i had actually taken some sliding windows and installed them in a different part of the house to block out the noise. all the pages were handwritten but had color photos embedded in them, and numbered into the fifties. coach wolf from "strangers with candy" came in and inspected our work while i rooted around for a large envelope. i woke up as she was saying she'd never seen anything like it.

the breakdown:

  • an insanely long school project = my degree program
  • moving windows = dropping classes and retaking them later
  • to block out the noise = criticism from family who want me to stop prolonging graduation
  • pages with color photos embedded = a client brochure i'd lost and refound
  • coach wolf = fell asleep with swc on again!

12:03 p.m. - 2005-05-23


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