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Tributes and good deeds

Dreamed a high school was having a huge video tribute to John S. Yes, that John. I was walking down a hallway next to the theater. It was jammed with people. I looked at the screen through a crack and saw they were showing a film about a kind of a daredevil. I wondered if anyone knew his recent circumstances. Is he dead? I wondered. Like, what is going on? I went outside and joined two women who were walking on a carpet with their heads down. They were following the pattern on the rug, but they didn't realize how small the rug was and one of them fell. I leaned over her and asked if she was all right. Did she want an ambulance? She said no but I called one anyway, or was trying to call one when I woke up.

10:17 a.m. - 2018-04-21


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