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Big win, Ch1mp, telling mom about T

Dreamed I won 7.7 million dollars by getting four queens in video poker. Crazy excited. I kept asking the slot attendant if it were real. I woke up just before signing the paperwork.

The scene changed to a public speaking class that evidently Ch1mp and I were both taking. I think it was at Everest. I wasn't horrified to realize he there, maybe at most very mildly self-conscious. As the first speaker went up, I wondered what on Earth I was going to talk about. The scene changed of course to Ch1mp's lair, like an underworld. He had grown in size, much bigger. I was kind of seducing him, but then I realized I had zero interest.

Then I dreamed about my mother. T and I were both there. I of course was telling her about T's problems, but it was like she didn't get it. I was very close to her face, maybe I was sitting in a car and she was outside of it? My arm was touching her face. I was telling her we needed to let go of her, but at the same time I was kind of cuddling her and not wanting to leave. Maybe I wasn't in the car? T was standing nearby. Mom looked like she did in the 50th anniversary photo. As I noticed it was getting late in the day, 3.30 to be exact, I had to go because I had to drive back to Vegas. I assume I was in California? T had disappeared I guess. I went to buy gas and caught sight of an undereducated black girl on tv talking about her "gevina." Really.... And then I saw another young girl in a dress with dollar signs all over the bottom half waiting for a bus. I was thinking, even ghetto moms must realize that is a bad message. I shook my head and pumped my gas. Gevina.

8:22 a.m. - 2016-05-18


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