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the cat in the hat has a brown face, jane says

dreamed i was drawing a _cat in the hat_ poster to go with an english paper when someone came up and talked about her own work. i realized right then that i had no idea what i was doing; i hadn't read _cat_ since childhood and didn't even really remember it. (my poster had a huge hat and *brown* face in the foreground, for example.) i packed it in for the day and left, slowly remembering that i'd parked my car downtown. at a public stairwell, i stopped to scoop up an old blanket. a woman sat in her ford explorer at the bottom of the stairs, with the windows down, listening to "jane says" by jane's addiction. she drove off by the time i rolled up the blanket, and i woke up actually singing the song in my head.

12:46 p.m. - 2005-05-17


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