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The grass less traveled

I got a ride out of town, but the drive was incredibly hair raising. The van driver was going to drive on the grass instead of the road on a huge circular mound. There were no guard rails. She said the road was developed by the Indians, which implied it should have been acceptable, but her preference was for the grass, and this was a very steep descent. So, she would have to cross over the road repeatedly on the way down to stay on the grass… I was terrified. I told her I was just going to keep my eyes shut. Where are we, anyway? She said into Russia. That seemed to be far from wherever I wanted to be. My brain said something about my comfort zone, trust, and letting go. I had to trust this stranger not to drive me to my death inside the Russian border. Yeah, ok. I woke up.

7:57 a.m. - 2022-05-16


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