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Dreamed I was… invisible? Not seen, not acknowledged, but definitely had an incredible impact on someone.Two someones. I was at Paul’s on an extremely small outdoor patio looking for my shoes. I found them, then decided I didn’t like them and switched them to something else. Why did I have two pairs of shoes? Paul’s back was to me. He did not acknowledge I was there. I turned to leave discreetly when the scene changed to his bedroom with the current wife. In the room was some baby stuff also. I was now in the room with quite a few helpers. I had won a court case and the penalty was the loss of their bed, covers and all. Paul had no reaction whatsoever and his wife wasn’t home. It was similar to a sleigh bed. They picked it up and hauled it out! I felt so victorious. Everyone was jubilant for me. The scene changed to a super flooded park. I had a baby in my arms and had to move her across the whole park. It was deeper in some parts than others. Quite a struggle trying to get the child to safety. Somehow I managed to keep the baby’s head above water. Inspo: video of a dog struggling in a Los Angeles canal

7:20 p.m. - 2022-05-13


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