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Creepy sex dolls and how to become one

I was somewhere with an elevator when I found myself in a peculiar situation with a female puppet. There were two dolls, but one had disappeared. Anyway, neither of the dolls were wearing pants, and after emerging from the elevator were human from the waist up. Somehow I knew that these were sex dolls, and they were staring me down hardcore. I considered the whole thing super creepy and inappropriate. I was seated on a couch, and a lady and her humanoid doll were sitting on the floor across the room. I felt the doll looking at me with a hard stare so I moved. The lady said, " I want to see what she does now, and the human doll head moved to continue staring at me. So to reduce the tension in the room I complimented its sweater. I started to ask if she liked cable knit sweaters when I realized it was one, and one identical to what I used to own. Hmmm. The scene changed to me VERY messily painting my toenails in a car. It was such a mess that I took off my shirt to clean up the excess. In doing so I then had no shirt and I was about to go into a store. I headed for the bathroom/locker room where I stole the shirt of a random woman, and before I could get away I was called out by a woman who looked like KZ. So.. I had to take it off, and then like a doll with no pants, I found myself a woman in public with no shirt. Lovely.

9:27 a.m. - 2016-05-07


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