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child abuse, recognition and change

an odd, fastidious little man -- who looked like a cross between count dracula and pee-wee herman -- abused and beat a little girl. this was one of my more disturbing dreams, obviously. it was mostly blows across the back, never on the face, but later he took to excessive spanking. the little girl was stiff and didn't fight back. i'm surprised this one didn't wake me up.

then i dreamed that i was dating yet another enormous man. we were changing seats repeatedly in a theatre, and everyone who was with us acknowledged me as his date and let me go first.

in my last dream, i was writing a pathetic love letter to my ex. i was telling him that i missed his kisses and caresses, specifically, but what i remember most is my handwriting because it wasn't mine. it was coming from my hand, but it was nothing like my own. i guess that means i've changed and am wasting precious time and headspace on him again. argh!

10:16 a.m. - 2004-05-07


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