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peanuts in the chili

i was having dinner at a nicec restaurant with some older people. they were advising us not to sell the house of our dead relative. someone talked about putting the house on the market, and how he'd then receeived an unsigned letter in the mail from his long-dead father. he'd taken it as a sign & had held onto the place.

i excused myself and went into the restaurant's kitchen to stir a big, simmering vat of chili or soup. mrs. s.'s first grader, m., came in and reproachfully noted that i hadn't put any peanuts in it. he started to walk away when i said, "there's a peanut right here," and fished it out for him. then i found a few more, and we both rejoined my table in the restaurant.

2:08 p.m. - 2003-07-09


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