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lewis black's other job

tonight, it was "my turn" to be injured by one lewis black moonlighting from comedy as a part time hitman. we knew each other somehow, and he came into my house with a partial apology. he was like, "sorry, but i have to do my job and it's your turn." i thought about him crushing my bones into dust and sprinted through the door, down the sidewalk, and across the six lanes of busy traffic to get away. i actually ran *through* people's houses to lose him, finally arriving coincidentally at n.n. from church's house with enough of a lead to wedge my adult body under her twin bed.

when lewis finally came a'knocking, i quaked in fear. i could hear him at the front door, asking n.'s mother about me and requesting to search the house. i think he actually did get in, but by then n.'s dogs had come under the bed near my feet to investigate and blocked my shoes from being seen from the door. eventually he left and i breathed a sigh of deep relief.

i couldn't stay there forever though. i looked out her front window at lewis's house, terrified of being seen. where was he, at the front window or laying in wait? i got ahold of a car (something along the lines of a ford focus (plymouth horizon?? heh)), but when i stopped later in a neighborhood to take a nap lewis and an accomplice were sitting. in. the. car. with. the. doors. open. fuck! i was terrified. why had i been so stupid as to sleep in public like that? 'nevermind,' i told myself, 'it's too late'. i made them close the doors and we took off together, driving around chicago suburbs looking for something. this is another example where it would've made sense to DRIVE TO A POLICE STATION, but instead i went on a fucking sightseeing tour. we drove to a mysterious, private office building with partial gardens and got out to look around. how did i know about this building? i said, "you can't get up there, the grass stops." there were no sidewalks leading to the front door, so i just figured that the people who had legitimate business there knew how to get in. lewis was closer to me than the other guy, so i didn't run. on the way back to the car, i did think about jamming my key in the lock and trying to drive off, but the fear of befuddlement kept me from trying. i woke up before i reached the car.

11:40 p.m. - 2005-05-06


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