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Casino win and a head full of pistachio

Again. Dreamed I won in the casino, but was paid out in tickets like the Monopoly sweepstakes at the grocery store. Was worried about the legality of such. Was paid via a duffle bag full of these tickets in a dark parking lot. The cops came outside with dogs and I decided to play dead by laying down next to the bag next to a cement planter. Problem was the cops decided I reallly was dead and hauled me off to the coroner's office. I would not spring to life for them. Thus I think I lost my winnings.

I also dreamed there was a Charlie Brown store which had a likeness of Larry David in addition to Charlie. You could buy a shake inside a character head cup and that's what Larry did. Then he was mad that his head's flavor was pistachio because he was a whiner basically.

7:02 p.m. - 2018-05-04


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