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Over prepared for something

Dreamed I was in someone else's house, a gay guy that I knew casually I guess. We were sitting on the floor in a bedroom when we stood up to kind of wrap up our business or go to bed, I'm not sure which. The television was on and I went to shut it off, but it started running up or down the channels by itself. I grabbed the remote, thinking it was a fluke, and tried hitting the off button again. Same thing, the channels began changing in descending order. I became apprehensive and told the guy what it was doing. A small box appeared on the screen indicating how many channels left until zero. "Look what it's doing," I told my friend. He half-turned and said boredly, "Yeah. It does that." I was petrified and he could barely muster a care. I said, "I think we should unplug it," hoping that would be the end of it. I left the room and went into the bathroom, then the bathrooms plural. Every medicine cabinet was stuffed with boxes of Preparation H. I thought that was very weird. How much Prep H does one house need?

10:23 a.m. - 2018-05-01


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