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spectatorship and april 4th

i was sitting at a computer terminal, watching from remote j. and a friend with their dates at a gas station. one of the girls, who had been sitting in the back, got out to pump the gas. j. went inside to buy candy (heh), and i was able to look up everything he bought. i bragged about this later, and he denied buying most of it. no one really listened to me, so i sat back and sighed to myself.

then i watched some people play tennis in the rain, and was excited when they got a decent volley going. why was i by myself, just watching people live their lives? i went into the bathroom and washed my hands a few times. when i came out, the sun was shining and it was a crisp morning at school. i don't know whether i was in high school or what, but all my high school classmates were there -- plus m. from the esl class, and none of them were talking to me. everyone was whispering about april 4th, and i was embarrassed to be out of the loop. i considered ditching on that day, but i finally broke down and asked m. she alluded to us getting a visit from the olympic torch runner. exciting!

9:54 a.m. - 2004-04-30


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