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Anxiety delivers again

I had several dreams, all anxiety. The first that I was in danger of being locked in a Toys-R-Us after hours, walking the floors while eating sugar balloons. These were giant inflatables that I could tear apart and eat. I was starting to do that while Steve and Karen encouraged me to go on an errand with the family. I didn't want to, I wanted to stay behind. I left the store and went to another, a dish shop. You have no need of dishes, I told myself. I walked through the place and into an underground garage. "How do I get up to street level?" I asked a security guard. She told me to take the stairs. While walking along a sidewalk, I saw a check filled out in pencil. I picked it up and saw it was missing either the recipient or the amount. I decided to mail it back to the account holder to prevent a fraudulent episode. I looked at the date on the check and it said 1890. Well, Glory be. Since I couldn't mail it back, I decided to try to sell it to an antiques dealer inside the mall. I also decided to sell him a repulsive diary I'd found with dead bug legs and strange entries in it. Somehow the two were connected. The book was a talky. I closed it and twisted the lock to prevent it from tattling that it was not mine to sell. The dream changed before we closed the deal. Next I was to meet a guy in a park at night. Apparently I stopped at B-R first. Classic. Anyway I was nervous meeting him. I was being dodgy. His relatives showed up and questioned why I was being that way. They insinuated something was wrong with me. One of them was Lin N*. I wondered what my deal was.

8:41 p.m. - 2012-04-28


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