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R'wood, Dad, Rustie

Myfather had a UHaul pulled up on the driveway of R'wood, with books piled up on a dolly. As he tried to move them off, from the opposite side, he hurt his lower back and grimaced in pain. I went running out of the garage to help, but he decided he needed a neighbor kid to help. The neighbor's kid just happened to be leaving the house just then and I asked him to help. We brought the dolly from the U-Haul to the garage and the kid climbed up a ladder to help... Only Rustie was at the top of the ladder and wouldn't get off. Another dog got up there and blasted Rustie in the face with what looked like milk, but he wouldn't budge. Finally the neighbor grabbed him by his collar and sent him to the floor.The kid was about to move the books off the dolly when I woke up. They weren't anything you couldn't live without. They were his books from the bookshelf in the house.

7:58 a.m. - 2018-04-22


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