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Bus to Bali

Recurring dream. I was in a church observing a service when something went wrong. I left the church and walked down the street to an idling bus. The bus was an old-fashioned one from another era. The fare was like $.40. I fished around in my wallet and wondered how to pay it. I think it was one of those kinds where you put the coins down and slide a metal tray. I paid it and sat down in a banquet booth. The scene changed to a hotel or some kind of restaurant. A woman that I'd met before in another dream said, "You've decided to come back." Apparently I was in Bali. We talked about some of the things from the last visit, and she had some details mixed up which I straightened out. I wasn't sure why I was there or what was going to be happening. I woke up before getting any info.

10:00 a.m. - 2013-04-19


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