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Lady Gaga's Rickshaw Carriage

Lady Gaga was walking around Russia in an ornate gown. Super ornate. Her hair was pulled back Marge Simpson-style and covered with a cloth. Attached to her dress was a kind of a carriage lit up around the doors with lights. No one was in the carriage. It was about twilight that she was taking this stroll, and tourists were of course watching. It looked like two people wanted to try to get in, but they didn't attempt or ask. Gaga's mood seemed a bit melancholy.

What made this dream different from others was the detail of all the buildings in the city. Yesterday I was thinking about Moscow in summer, wondering how muggy it is. And that night at supper, T and I talked about our friends who teach abroad, so obviously the setting came from that. As the observer, however, I felt there. Maybe should find a way to go. Hmmm...

11:13 a.m. - 2015-04-18


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