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A vinegar rag to the kisser

Frank and I were at a home improvement store way out in the middle of nowhere when I spied the current holy grail of gets, toilet paper. I told him as much and as he was reaching for an already opened package, I was diving for the ones under a box on the floor. But when I got down there, I was disappointed to find out it was only 1 ply. Still, TP is TP. I think the one he grabbed was 2 ply. Well he took it and wandered off. I’m not sure if I actually took the roll I found. I went around the corner and ran right into Grandma and Ginga. Of course, who else, I’ve now seen every video. Well as one might expect, an argument erupted and I told Ginga, if she didn’t knock it off that I was going to put my vinegar rag on her mouth. (!) I walk around with a vinegar rag?? Since when?? Anyway, she dared me and I threatened again. They said that I was not the same age as their other grandchildren, which is true. I said I was an in-between age. I guess it was just an idle threat, I didn’t do it. Instead I went out back and talked to a man about getting rid of some overgrowth on the hill.

10:45 a.m. - 2020-04-18


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