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dreamed i was going to use the bathroom with another girl, and on the way we discussed a friend with a similar name. i had trouble remembering her last name because it changes often. i said, "we aren't thirty yet and she's been divorced twice already," which is true. then i said her name is "laura jean bush (whatever)," which is very funny and not true at all.

then i had another dream about yelling at my ccd kids. i was yelling at 2 people in particular, both girls. i forget what one had done, but in waking life she is never a problem. i think i was more traumatized than she by the experience, yikes! the other girl, who was a new student with 5 weeks left in the class, was just too much for me. it wasn't her fault she was there, but she knew nothing and i couldn't pass her to the next class. so, i took her outside and yelled at her for a long time. she took it well, never crying or flinching or anything. i hate these dreams.

the bell rang and everyone left. on my way to the office to buy a treat for myself (rewarding myself for being an ogre, how lovely), a two ton colleague put his arm around me. it was from him that i heard that some people were being fired by mail. i searched the incoming mail for one of those distressing letters but only found a warning that i had three absences. 'b.s,' i said to myself, 'i've got two!' i never did get my treat.

1:59 p.m. - 2005-04-11


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