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public freak out, l2's bedroom

i dreamed i was walking down a street with three lanes of traffic and a sidewalk when i saw a group of children riding their bicycles in the traffic lanes. i completely lost it. "what are you doing??" i screamed. "are you crazy? you're going to get hurt!" i should've asked myself these questions as i shoved the children to the gutter and swiped one of their bikes. i ran down the street before anyone could identify me. i ran past l2 even (l2 is a very fit friend), my legs carrying me quicker and quicker. i actually felt great pride that he could not keep up, but i went straight to his house and let him catch up in the bedroom, heh. when we were finished, i looked up at a wall calendar and asked how many people had seen it. "hundreds," he replied. hundreds? my heart sank. "just friends," he mumbled. oh. duh. then i thought, 'but we... are just friends too.' ugh. when i woke up, my body was curled into the same position as we were in the bed. i need to go call that boy.

2:06 p.m. - 2005-04-10


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