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A walkway, a walk away, and a plus-one

After thinking about all the times I could have left Paul either literally in public or just in general, far prior to when I did, I dreamed I confronted him about MCW and he had no reaction. None whatsoever like the night I watched his eyes and they were so blank. Prior to this I dreamed that it was the current day, that I had not seen him in a decade and when walking together, I slid my hand into his like I had so many times, ….. and then remarked on it. Actually remarked that it’s been ten years since I’ve held your hand… I recognized it was probably inappropriate but it was automatic. Inside this place we were going, either I lost him in a crowd, or he left me there by myself. I didn’t text him, instead I joined a line of lesbians waiting to enter a nightclub and found myself in the clutches of someone. It wasn’t a bad feeling, it was just that the line was so damn long and it felt like we never moved an inch. To relieve boredom I began walking around the room. The nightclub was in a hotel like the one in Stickney, IL. Imagine another one like that, a one star Best Western with a night club mysteriously on site. Anyway, they had placed a cabinet at the bottom of a circular stairwell so close to the last step that it was blocking the path with about six inches free. I picked up the end to move it and freed up two inches max. It seems like I did eventually make it into the club with the group, but they were smoking or something and I just wasn’t having a good time.

9:39 a.m. - 2022-04-08


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