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Non-family reunion, violence, disgust

I was someone's date at a family reunion. All was well inside the house; however, my date disappeared for a time and came back with a cut-up face. He was in need of stitches. He said he'd punched "a caller."

Immediately before this, I'd been sitting on the couch with Clearwater. We got our Igadgets to sync up and had begun playing a game. Somehow I ended up playing with his iPad instead of my iPhone. His mother, who looked like Linda Grey, came over & insisted we change the tv channel.

So whose guest was I? No idea. Clearwater instructed me to get a hotdog and some food. As I was doing that, some other family members came up and gave me disgusted looks. I was trying to get a French green bean/potato chip combo onto my plate and it was messy & time consuming. I was embarrassed.

Later on I visited the bathroom and a lot of tiles were missing. Somehow I knew it was my bathroom and I should try to repair it. Everything was yellow and gross, and I looked in the hole and saw an old pan with food in it. Yuck...

10:17 a.m. - 2014-04-08


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