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like riding a bicycle -- with zombies

two nightmares:

1., i dreamed that grandma m., mom, aunt n. and i were sitting in grandma h.'s back room when grandma m. unexpectedly confessed to losing a baby before she was married. it had been a boy named richard. the two of them knew nothing about it, and it cast their legitimacy into doubt. she went on to admit that they weren't even hers, that they were adopted and not even blood sisters. they were very surprised and covered their faces with their hands. i asked where the baby was buried, and suddenly a very zombie-like baby was standing next to us. creepy! we left the room and encountered more of these zombie children. we took them out for ice cream, and they chose to sit under the table and talk very softly. their pupils were almost completely dilated as well. i wanted to get away. i walked down the hallway and into another room, and instructed some fat guy to shut the door behind me. the kids rushed behind me and tried to prevent the door from being shut. it bulged with their weight and effort.

i left the house with someone and went to a shopping area. as we were walking toward the store, i noticed more of these half-dead folks. they were everywhere! i wanted to get out of there before we changed, too.

2. i was at UBS and had made an appointment to donate blood. i was going to go somewhere to eat first, but i found myself on a little pink bicycle and fell right off it when i passed an occupied car. i tried repeatedly, but i couldn't get back up again! i set the kickstand and just sat on the ground.

it was around that time that i was discovered by a zombie-maker. he operated out of the back of an ambulance in a parking lot, and he wouldn't let you leave until he was done fucking with you. i don't know how i got inside, but he put me in there and worked on me for ages. i tried to leave repeatedly, but the doors locked from the outside (of course) and i just couldn't. i tried hitting him with books, torturing him by blowing a hair dryer in his face (which he then turned on me), and just any desperate thing i could to incapacitate him so i could get away. nothing worked until he became half-zombie himself and the cops showed up. as they hauled him away, i thought about how lucky i was.

11:56 a.m. - 2004-04-08


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