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we weren't prepared - wedding fiasco

our wedding day. we had to call it off because we just weren't prepared. we were dressed already and people were arriving, but the preparations were incomplete. i said to my dad, "what about the wedding favors?" knowing we had little more to offer than candy in paper cones! there was just no way. we were very sad about it. everyone was saying, "you can do it later," but i wanted to do it then. my dad was getting grouchy, and my mom wasn't helping me get ready. i just cried and cried, angrily and frustratedly. i went upstairs and changed clothes, then went outside to find that some black kid had driven his cherokee up next to the house. i looked at him and the car. he started in on me, but i wasn't having any of it it. i got back in his face and yelled a bunch of epithets, which surprised us both. then he retaliated by peeing in my bushes! i exclaimed, "today was my wedding day!" he mumbled something and i went back inside.

3:00 p.m. - 2003-07-31


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