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dreamed i went downstairs around 2 a.m. to get a drink of water from the bottle and got a big swig of rancid orange juice instead. yuck!

after that, i stepped outside to call two women in different cities and asked them to send me a dollar each. amazingly, they both said yes. i have no idea how i knew them at all, let alone well enough to get yeses at that hour. presumably i went back to bed after that.

some time in the afternoon, i drove up to the family house to get my mail and encountered a better dressed, blander yet physically similar woman than me walking down the driveway. i asked if i could help her and she said she was interested in buying the house. we chatted for a while, and then she remarked on our similarities. she said, "if my sister were here, she'd be freaking out right now. i've never had this experience before!" i made some comment about everyone in the world having a twin, or more, and that i'd had it happen a bunch of times. we parted ways as i said goodbye and walked back to my car. the root of this is a series of pictures i saw last night of a girl who really does look creepily like me.

3:17 a.m. - 2005-04-04


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