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Fever dreams

Fever dream. Dreamed I was back in school and I got a fortune cookie that said the girl is to die on a particular day, but I missed the date. Seemed like I was going to be offed by a person. I was leery of people being overly nice to me. In the quad I ran into the world’s oldest security guard, a woman in her 80s. Something was wrong with the elevator so we got into a rickety old motor car and went up the floors in a circular way. I eventually got into the classroom and found all the seating had been rearranged to long rows. I thought it looked Harry Potter-esque. The scene changed to a beach where I was with a partner who had, not at all shockingly, brought too much stuff with him. I was complaining about everything I had to pack. He laughed and said his previous girlfriend was prone to similar comments. While cleaning up I found our group had managed to break a spoon and spatula off at the point where they connect to their handles. How do manage to snap two utensils in one trip?? There was also something about riding on a train with Paul and going separate ways.

9:28 a.m. - 2020-03-31


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