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vegetable oil ectoplasm; dad goes to marilyn manson concert

my friend's house had a spirit, an evil cook who broke the television and released a flood of vegetable oil that ruined the carpet. as the tide advanced, i quickly assessed the situation and got the hell out of there.

fortunately, marilyn manson was putting on a show nearby so i went over there to check it out. the crowd shocked me; it was just my dad & all his elderly buddies! i said, "um, i don't think you're going to like this too much," but they were very open minded. there they were, old white men in their tube socks rocking out, er, quietly appreciating marilyn manson. it was very strange to say the least, but i much preferred it to drowning in oil and frying in a giant skillet.

12:50 p.m. - 2005-03-31


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