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work, parade of the past

first, g. came up to me and said i had to sign up for some physical activity to prove my professional competency. this is truly silly because of what my job entails, but i looked over all the choices and signed up for swimming lessons. as i finished initialing my choice, i noticed an exception: if i just attached a picture of my family, the requirement would be waived. voila! no swimming! but then i realized that all my pictures were at lb's house. the horror! i would have to contact him to get them back. i did, and he was pleasant, but then i found one so i let him know and hung up.

the scene switched to me and a guy walking around a mall. everywhere we went, i saw someone i knew and wanted to talk. first up was j.l., who is getting married next fall. i stopped her, said congrats, and told her i'd seen a picture of her and her fiance & how happy they looked. she smiled but her fiance led her away. my friend said, "that was weird." we kept walking and soon enough ran into other people i used to know (all girls). i tried to talk to my friend as we were passing these people, but he said, "not now. we'll talk later on the phone." so... what was that about? no talking when you are with your friend? we went into an office and said hello to someone, and i started wrestling a guy in a chair. it was good natured, i guess, but then i dumped a container of pens on him in frustration because i wasn't winning. i also tried to knee him in the groin but he blocked it.

12:31 p.m. - 2005-03-31


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