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out to sea

a poor father figure, a man who hardly worked, strolled around a grocery store in his dingy bathrobe picking up supplies for a grand breakfast he planned to make for his live-in's children. it was to be their last together as he was headed "out to sea" later in the day. in my opinion, he had gone out to sea mentally long before that, so the idea of him captaining a ship was pretty funny. the girls ate his dry pancakes and then he slipped out the door.

on a ferry, the nameless man and l.b. convinced a slew of young model types to join them on their adventure. (actually, l.b. was just trying to sleep with someone and the cap'n was doing all the recruiting, but they were doing it simultaneously so it looked like they were working together.) once the girls got into an attached raft, the robed one stood on a white barge and encouraged them to rev up the engine and slide onto it. everyone thought he was nuts, which he was, but why they didn't motor the opposite way i can't say. airheads!

1:25 p.m. - 2005-03-29


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