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The mailman

Dreamed the mailman quit for the day when there were still internet bills to deliver. I said, “Just this street? Give them to me, I’ll do it.” I took the bills from him and started up the street. The first house was easy; everybody was outside. The next house was three up and looked completely different from the rest of the block. It was set back much further from the curb and woodsy. I wasn’t sure if they had a camera. I was planning to just put them under windshield wipers since everybody drives. I carried on up the street but I could see how it might be a tiring job — and I only had one type of bill! Hahaha. Now that I think about it, the mailman does not walk house to house. HE drives to the mail center and plops them all in. And nowadays they have AC. Lazy!

7:38 a.m. - 2023-03-22


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