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Drag vs comedy

Dreamed I was attending a burlesque show where Narcissa was performing. That, dear reader is A. B, I seemed to have been on a date with a famous comedian named John (I will add last name when I remember it). Whoooo would you guess slid into our booth to lure me away from this perfectly lovely man but Marilyn Manson? But of course. Marilyn began screwing with John right away saying that I should date him instead because he’s so terribly much more interesting and unpredictable. Neither of us said anything per se but I was listening. Marilyn was able to turn my head with his antics and shockingly I eventually left the poor man alone at the table. I spent the rest of my time with Marilyn in the lounge explaining Narcissa’s importance to me, thereby wasting his time I imagine.

10:42 a.m. - 2020-03-21


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