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perfect for her

i was standing in a line somewhere, waiting for something, when some people around me said that a particular guy needed to be slapped. so, i slapped him when i walked by. heh! he didn't see who it was because he was laying on a bannister surrounded by people, but i got him good.

i spent the next several near-interminable minutes trying to secure a ride home from kelly and angela from high school. kelly and angela! jeesh. angela was hell-bent on finding someone for me, but kelly wanted nothing to do with it. heh, 12 years later she is still burned out on taking me home.

the final dream from last night was a little unusual. i walked into "my" back yard and found a little child's table and doll set smothered by weeds. the weeds were even growing through the table itself. i started pulling the weeds off and trying to make it look nice for "her," a woman who was either my aunt, mother, or some other female figure. i cleaned it up as nicely as i could and then redressed the doll in a much-too-big outfit. gah! i don't know why it needed to look perfect, but it did. i even ironed and spread out sheets for the picnic tables, an elaborate display of pretend girlhood perfection. the woman came around the back and barely noticed the imperfections. she was happy, and i was glad. why i did all this for her, i don't know.

11:35 a.m. - 2005-03-21


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