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Do we need any of this

1. I was asked whether we still have a need for a particular town. I don’t live there & I think it’s in NJ. Well… it might still be important to the people who live there.. so… maybe?

2. I was sleeping on an airplane when I woke up suddenly and O.B. from Adv. was sitting across the aisle. She was asking me a question. I said, “O., I literally just woke up. I can’t talk yet.”

3. It was nighttime. I walked into a nearly empty room where a leaking pack of water bottles lay upside down on the carpet. There was a big puddle stretching out around it. I flipped it over, removed the leaker, and woke up before cleaning up the mess. Exciting. Sounds like Karl’s Pilkington’s diary…..

8:45 a.m. - 2023-03-18


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