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joseph and i were in new york on a supposedly docked ship for a day. while aboard, i got a heads up that leo was on the phone and wanted to talk to me. it turned out that he was actually outside as well. i hurried away from where we were sitting to see what he wanted. it turned out that it was the same as before, that he was finally colombia-bound and wanted to say goodbye. as before, i sent him packing without one. i guess i truly don't regret it.

when i got back on board, i called "frank." frank was someone's brother on board, but i forget whose. frank told me that the supervisor of the on-board development calling program was being investigated and that a trial was going to be held. he said that the supervisor was a guy and was to be spied upon first by donnell, who had agreed to testify against him. donnell!! i hadn't seen him in ages. i went over to the ship's side and waited for him. when he came aboard, we went together to the calling site. it turned out that the supervisor was really a girl named anna. donnell was to learn all of her "tells" before testifying, and her main "tell" was that she communicated everything through her eyes: approval, disapproval, etc. donnell talked to some of the callers to see what each look meant. we watched anna doing this for a while and then left. i felt a little bit sorry for her.

2:08 p.m. - 2008-03-14


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