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dreamed i was in someone's house when i somehow knew that "the water" was coming. nevermind that my friend lived on a hill in the mountains; it was going to be very wet that night, and we were going to drown. period. he offered me some candy at one point, and i stuffed it into my mouth & took some extra pieces for when the water would come. i guess the reason i didn't tell him about it was because there wasn't anywhere to *go*. oh but when this guy showed up in his truck, doing nightly maintenance errands on the mountain, you better believe i almost jumped into his truck "dukes of hazzard"-style. i didn't tell him why i wanted to drive away with him, but he either hadn't seen the water or didn't know about it. i snuggled up to him and gripped his arm tightly in the vehicle as the night wore on, hoping against hope i wouldn't drown after all.

i woke up before the water came for us.

10:27 p.m. - 2005-03-13


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