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nacho cheese, nacho house

t. we were at someone's house when t. started being bratty. it might have been at some kind of party because there was a ton of food in the kitchen, where we were. anyway, i was starving. i had been out, about to buy a snack, when i returned to the house in time to see t. flinging nacho cheese around the woman's kitchen. there were glops on the floor, and smears on his clothes, skin, and the table. i looked at him like, "what is going on with you? have you lost your mind?" i was sure he was having a meltdown. her son walked in while he was peeling off his cheese-spattered sweatshirt and got really offended. t. said, "there's still time to make it up to her," meaning the mother, and went out the back door -- leaving me to explain and clean up after him. the guy misunderstood me and was really disgusted that t. could no longer use the bathroom by himself. he kept saying, "i don't understand that," as i poked around in different platters. my mind was more on why t. thought it was socially acceptable to cover himself with cheese at a party and be non-chalant about it.

2:44 a.m. - 2003-07-05


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