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Court trial / Wordfeud

Very unusual dream. A court case was in progress that I believe I must have been watching on tv, but it felt like I was in the courtroom. I had to have been… I don’t know. In waking life there is zero probability I would be playing a word game in open court, but I was sound asleep, so.. was I or wasn’t I? Who cares. The court was in a foreign-to-me place like Montana, and the gallery area was gigantic, like you’d find in a church. Similar layout to THR. It was a sex-trafficking case involving two Asian women. While the case was progressing, I was nose-deep in a Wordfeud game trying to play the word juniper. I put the word down on the bottom and was pleased with myself. Except.. I had forgotten that the letters had to form other words upon attachment. Duh. So I removed the word and looked for another place for it. The problem was, I had everything but the R.
Periodically I did in fact look up to observe the trial. I could see people involved in the case sitting in the gallery watching the proceedings, and I knew who they were.
Eventually a witness was called who audibly tripped and fell face-forward on the floor in the hallway. One of the attorneys laughed. The witness appeared just merely in the doorway and the whole courtroom lost it. She was dressed head to toe in a half-leaking balloon dress, a la Judy Jetson, with severely clunky shoes and a smallish lampshade on her head. She looked ridiculous. A woman Zooming in, presumably a lawyer, was laughing uncontrollably and couldn’t get it together. The woman eventually testified that she was forced to dress this way by the defendant. There were pictures of either her or other witnesses also dressed strangely. When I viewed the courtroom and this woman, it was in color because I believe I may have been sitting in the gallery. But when I viewed the other photos, they were on a split screen in black and white. In the photo, one woman was wearing a dress fashioned out of yellow crime scene tape. I forget what the other one had on.
The trial continued with the witnesses and I continued with my game. I was still trying to get juniper on the board. The judge was talking and I was now trying to place the word at the top of the board. I had a free R already in place and miles and miles of room, but the other places I was trying to put it all had double and triple tiles, and this had just free empty spaces. Such is the dilemma of a Scrabble player. Do you sacrifice your long word or choose something else to get the bonus points. I was all in with juniper though. I never hit enter.

Sources: A still image of Asian women on Netflix for a show called Challenge: 100; an image of a 1992 prom photo with half-deflated balloons in the background that I saw on a social network; a recent crime trial; Wordfeud; cutting up a Christmas tree for mulch

11:13 a.m. - 2023-03-11


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