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time to shut it off

at a seaside stadium, i sat with my personal luggage (uh, baggage) and laptop furtively looking for some way to view an invisible online journal. why was i online in such a crowd? there actually was no ballfield; where the field would have been was the ocean, and waves lapped the sideboard. why were 50,000 people sitting watching the water? dark clouds blanketed the entire sky and lightning flashed at several distant points. i pointed these out to my friend but continued searching. then the storm came in very quickly, and my first impulse was to keep doing what i was doing... but better sense prevailed and i packed up my equipment and put it away. just as i slid the laptop into the bag and zipped the zipper around the power pack, it began to rain. everyone stood up and headed for the exits, including me.

10:53 a.m. - 2005-03-10


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