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The mighty and the meek

Dreamed about a man to be avoided, a walking lab experiment who went from average, soft skinny math/smartypants to ripped He-man overnight. I literally cowered under a desk from him. He turned out to not be so bad. Allowed me to watch tv or some simulation near him without messing with me. Next I dreamed about T refusing to let me use his game console when he was gone, solely because it was his. Typical power dick move. I didn’t know how to use it without him there, nor did I care to play anything... just T being an a-hole. Not unusual. Supposed to be grateful for not being abused. Up to the abuser’s whim, you see. After that I dreamed about denying an acquaintance’s child apple juice at night. Typical adult reasoning for no:sugar, will make you pee, etc. Offered water. Kid turned around, asked mom, mom said yes. Kid turned and smiled at me. I immediately called out the mother on that obvious manipulation. Could see mom’s wheels turning, but she was no match for her wily offspring. A few minutes later, mom disappeared and kid was about 12, complaining about a neighbor that made him feel creeped out. I told him he had to tell his mother no matter what. I woke up to my body muscles roiling in a wave pattern, a strange foot muscle spasm in progress, threatening to overtake the other also except I took magnesium before bed and it could only roil, not cramp up. Neener, neener. I win tonight. No horrific cramping.

4:27 a.m. - 2020-03-06


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