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Things learned at a houseparty

1. Benedict Cumberbatch in a body bag, on a shelf, alive and well. Whhhyyyyy?

2. T lost an enormous amount of weight and decided blackface and a suit was a good look.

3. I went into "our" house and one bedroom was painted blueberry blue. Very deep color. When was this done??? I decided it had to be T's room because of the questionable judgment.
I went into the bathroom and the sink was at eye level and very wobbly. When I adjusted it, it kind of came off in my hand. I had to put it back very carefully.

4. I was sitting downstairs with several friends, one of whom was a hefty black guy. He sniffed my hand and said, Cocoa butter. We all know you've been masturbating. !!!

10:42 a.m. - 2015-03-06


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