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mary hart + death

i stepped into an elevator with a guy who easily could have been a gangster or a seasoned executive (same thing in the view of some people). he knew where i was going. he told me that since i'd chosen this particular elevator, i wouldn't be able to leave where i was going. everyone in the banquet hall, he informed me matter-of-factly, was going to be slaughtered. i was taken aback by this info but didn't try to push the open doors button or anything. when the elevator reached its destination, i got out and entered the room.

as i looked around the hall, i realized it was full of people i knew. i saw several people from my old job, some friends, and a couple of relatives including unga. i felt horrible that they were going to die. what was their crime?? i think they were all innocents. i went around saying hello to everyone. i hugged unga and told her how much i've missed her. she didn't speak. she seemed thinner than i remembered.

as i walked around the place, i noticed mary hart standing near the doorway. what was she doing there? apparently she was reporting on some nature program that was being filmed on the outskirts of the room. i walked around and thought it all looked familiar. why wasn't i disturbed by the fact that we were all going to die soon? or maybe i thought i would survive, i don't know. the back of the room was separated by a curtain. i peeked through a slit in it and saw emptiness. some people had become disturbed by the movie set and began ripping up the carpet. no one in a position of authority did anything about it.

1:20 a.m. - 2008-03-06


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