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Playing the piano book

Dreamed I was at Unger Bunger’s house when she was not home and decided to rearrange the furniture in “my” room because I knew she would not mind. While doing that, I decided to move some stuff in another room also. I thought she might mind that but took a let’s see, permissive attitude with myself. I went down to the end of the room to find very little furniture and a super old photo album/piano player book. I looked at a few pages and then decided to play the book itself as if I were Mozart. I played the hell out of that book until some decrepit old fingers came out of the air and kind of hushed me. They kind of closed over my hands as if to say, that’s enough. I decided the furniture at that end of the room was just fine where it was and hurried away. Oofa.

2:16 a.m. - 2020-03-03


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