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ice cream & warrants

last night i dreamed i was on scoop duty again, dealing with whatever variables the wacky customers threw at me. first it was a family who gave me their money but refused to let me put it in the till until they were finished, then i had to serve two men out the back window because that's just how the freezers were set up. stuck to the pane of glass was a picture of an outlaw, some buckaroo meant to promote the flavor of the month. man, was he ugly! his face looked like exposed human muscles with a blue bandana covering the mouth. anyway, they both motioned at the picture to let me know they wanted a sample. man #2 stupidly set down his list of outstanding warrants in sight of the first guy, an undercover cop. who brings such a thing to an ice cream parlor? man #1 got a treat but it was only in carting away the numbskull.

this dream is a mixture of work anxiety and dating stress, that sickening feeling you have upon finding out that the "nice boy" you just met has an arrest record. damn!

6:55 p.m. - 2005-03-02


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