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the dead can't drive; slippery sex

i dreamed i was being driven to "the bronx," a place i have never been and would never recognize, by the dead daughter of some acquaintances. my uncle had been driving us all, but at some point someone asked if it would be all right if she took over because she was just learning and blah blah. so my uncle said yes, and the hell began. she had never driven on the freeway and it showed. when her speed topped 80, i pounded my fist into her headrest and wet my pants! i also crawled into the backseat to comfort her mother. too hastily i'd said that i was that kind of driver when i was her age, and it came back on me immediately. i couldn't wait to get to their house to change my pants, argh.

then i dreamed l2 and i were having wild sex in my bedroom again, this time with chocolate and caramel syrup smeared everywhere, when one of our parents banged into the house. heh, it was just like our fear from a week ago -- which never happened then, thank the lord. i leapt off the bed and tried to communicate where we should go (mainly the other bedroom with a lock on it), but i woke up first. double argh.

9:34 a.m. - 2005-03-01


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